What does my ticket include?

Your ticket includes the access to the Conference. The first 250 tickets will also grant you access to the opening night. The ticket is personal and non-transferrable.

Where can I buy a ticket?

We are not selling tickets right now until we're back with a new edition of the conference.

My company wants to be seen. Can I sponsor or exhibit?

All companies are invited to participate as sponsors by submitting your information to this form. We work with both big corporations as well as startups to reach entrepreneurs around the world. You'll reach thousands of people during our event, and tens of thousands online with a mix of digital & on-site reach.

When will the final list of speakers be published?

So far, we're displaying the speakers confirmed for 2020 (we had to cancel), who said that they're gonna be speaking in a next edition of the conference.

Do you offer early bird discounts?

We're doing some promotions for early sales, definitely. Subscribe to our newsletter and find out about them!

What language is the event conducted in?


Will I be able to enter the event at any time?

Obviously! We will give you an identifier that you must bring always with you, which will give you access in and out of the building.

Do you have any student, nonprofit, or broke founder tickets?

Definitely. We always reserve discounted tickets for all these groups. Right now, we're not selling tickets because we don't have any event planned.

I’m part of media how do I request a press pass?

If you’re a journalist reporting for a major media outlet or a private blogger with a considerable audience, we’d be happy to have you join as our guest. Please contact us through this form with your name, the name of the outlet for which you’ll report, a link to the site where the article would be published, and the monthly recurring visitors to the media property (if known).

Please note that speaker access is reserved to select media personnel and is not open to most press pass holders.

I’d love to be there, but my boss doesn’t want to count it a work day. What do I do?!

Ah, bosses — we know the drill. We have an expert team at the ready for these kind of situation: they’ve spent their lifetimes training in the fine art of tasteful wit, persuasive copywriting, and even the dark arts of corporate speak. Send your case to this form and we’ll make the case on your behalf. But beware! With such great power comes great responsibility — contact wisely.

Will I meet investors or speakers if I attend the conference?

Though our speakers for the monthly event stay for the networking part, most speakers are busy founders who do us the great favor of sharing their time pro-bono exactly because they know we won’t demand much of it. All speakers are encouraged to meet attendees, walk the floor, and enjoy the conference — but we make no guarantees.

There will, however, investors and VIPs among the audience who have already bought a ticket, including some of our former speakers — many who’d love to meet you. In our other conferences, there was over $1 million offered to founders by investors they met during the two days of the event, some who randomly bumped into one another.

Our secret to spotting & connecting with VIPs: say hello to those people who seem relaxed and sit back during networking breaks, as many of them will be those whose networks are already incredible. If they don’t invest, it’s likely they know those who do — so make friends instead of pitching hard.

I can no longer attend the event, can I get a refund on my ticket?

Aww, we were really looking forward to meeting you. We’re sorry to say we do not issue refunds, nor do name changes.

Hope to see you next year!

Is there a Dress Code for this event?

Yes: comfortable. Expect some people to feel most comfortable dressed in formal business attire – it can be a nice confidence booster. Also expect to mingle with an entrepreneurial crowd that’s most comfortable in casual streetwear, maybe accented with a company hoodie. Keep in mind the amazing people you’ll be meeting at this conference, and dress to impress and connect with them. However you style yourself, make sure it’s respectful of the beautiful venue and other guests attending the event.

Is there a Code of Conduct for this event?

We fully embrace the Berlin Code of Conduct throughout the conference. If you see anything wrong, you should immediately let us know.

Can I pass out flyers at the event?

We appreciate your enthusiasm, but we ask our guests to stick to business cards at most. Flyers tend to take time and focus away from the conference experience, so nail your pitch instead.

The only exception are paid sponsors, who also receive a booth and other perks at the event. Please, contact us through this form if you’d like to reach the Startup Grind audience. We’d love to work together.

I need a visa invitation to attend. Could you provide one?

Unfortunately, we will not be sponsoring visas for attendees of this event.

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